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SiteGround Hosting Review: (Uptime, Performance, Pros & Cons)



SiteGround Hosting Review: (Uptime, Performance, Pros & Cons)

With PHP 7.3 & free SSL Certificate on offer, SiteGround is now the best hosting for WordPress. Clearly, Siteground’s innovation and contribution to the WordPress community hasn’t gone unrecognized.

We took things on our own hand and decided to do a detailed review of SiteGround hosting to find out if it’s worth your money.

How tough is it to find the right hosting company for yourself?

Well, it was troublesome for me at least. With insufficient funds, I could not test web hosting simply based on somebody else’s hunch. I started my blogging journey about five years ago, and when I intended to run my first self-hosted blog, I started looking for a dependable hosting service for my upcoming WordPress blog.

After spending hours on research, I narrowed down my selection to Bluehost and SiteGround.

The reason why I ousted these was the fact that I had come across terrible reviews from many professional bloggers. Later I decided to abandon Bluehost too, given it was an EIG-owned hosting company.

Page Contents

  • Who owns SiteGround hosting?
  • SiteGround Review: The Good & Bad
    • Google cloud infrastructure
    • What’s the response time of SiteGround?
    • SiteGround Uptime and accessibility:
    • SG optimizer plugin: (Game changer)
    • Free SSL Certificate
    • PHP 7.3 support
    • SiteGround Support and customer service
    • SiteGround offers Free Website hosting Migration
    • SiteGround Hosting Plan, Pricing In Comparison To Others
    • SiteGround 30-day money back guarantee
    • SiteGround trial account:
  • Pros and cons of SiteGround Hosting:
    • What’s good about SiteGround?
    • What’s bad about SiteGround?
    • Is SiteGround worth your money?
  • FAQs about SiteGround hosting:
    • How to point GoDaddy domain to SiteGround?

Who owns SiteGround hosting?

SiteGround is an independent web-hosting company which was founded in 2004. The company is based in Bulgaria and they serve users worldwide. They have Data Centers in the USA, UK, Amsterdam, and Singapore. SiteGround is quite active in the community events and they have positioned themselves as “well-crafted” hosting solutions.

It’s been over 40 months since I picked Siteground hosting, and I think it is time to share my experience with other members in this space.

SiteGround Review: The Good & Bad

Selecting a hosting service based on the features it has to offer is the ideal way to go about it. Moreover, understanding whether or not the hosting supports your platform is of paramount importance.

(I’m here sharing this review of SiteGround exclusively as a WordPress user.)

SiteGround offers cPanel, a popular web hosting dashboard. If you have ever used a hosting service, chances are you have used cPanel hosting at some instance or the other.

There are various aspects of Siteground that makes it stand out from other hosting services. Let us take a look at all the noteworthy features in this detailed SiteGround review.

Google cloud infrastructure

This is one of the underlooked feature that a lot of hosting, and reviewers are not vocal about. The server infrastructure plays a major role in how your website would perform in different geo-location.

Now, Google cloud is notoriously known for maintaining one of the fastest and most powerful networks, that means, your website will naturally be faster on SiteGround, unless you screw up with badly coded plugin or themes.

Here are some less known advantages of hosting on Google cloud via SiteGround:

  • State-of-the-art network for faster sites
  • Distributed storage for high data redundancy
  • Easier scaling and resource management
  • Multiple opportunities for new data center locations

And Strong commitment to carbon neutrality, if you someone like me, who deeply cares about the future of our environment.

Now, moving on..

What’s the response time of SiteGround?

This is another important metric that matters when deciding between two or more hosting.

SiteGround servers have an exceptional response time. For some locations like the US, the response time is as low as 1ms.


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